Legacy Software

The legacy software provided here was built and designed for older, pre-Mac OS X environments. We maintain these for those of you who need to use those older products. We will support the software and fix bugs, but we do not plan on adding any new features.

RCWinMouseWheel 1.0

RCWinMouseWheel is a Windows-only InputManager bundle that adds mouse wheel support to all YellowBox applications (ProjectBuilder, WOBuilder, EOModeler, etc.).

RCEnhancePB 1.1

RCEnhancePB is a bundle that adds a few random bits of functionality to the old ProjectBuilder.app (ProjectBuilderWO on MacOS X).

RecentMenu 2.0

An OpenStep/YellowBox InputManager bundle to provide a 'Recent Files' menu.

OmniPBSortedComponents 1.0

A ProjectBuilder bundle to keep files sorted.

RCWOLittleHelper 1.0

RCWOLittleHelper is an input manager bundle written to work around a couple of annoying bugs in EOModeler and WebObjects Builder on MacOS X that were driving us up the wall.