OmniPBSortedComponents is a bundle created by OmniGroup that could be loaded into ProjectBuilder (now known as ProjectBuilderWO), which would automatically sort the files in any group. This solves a notorious problem with ProjectBuilder in that when you added files to a group which was not already sorted, it would be just added to the end. Eventually, you'd be left with a bunch of files, all out of order, making it hard to find anything in particular.

Since Omni is no longer maintaining this project as it is for an end-of-lifed application, we obtained permission to host it here. We will be providing limited support for the application, if anyone finds bugs in the application, but will not be adding new features.


OmniPBSortedComponents is freeware donated by OmniGroup.


We are always interested in bug reports, and changes you might want to make, but in general it is unlikely we will be adding any new features.


1.0, March 2006

  • Initial hosting of donated software