RecentMenu (originally named Recent) is an InputManager bundle originally created by Steve Hayman to provide a 'Recent Files' menu item to OpenStep and YellowBox applications. We recently obtained permission from the last person who hosted it to host it ourselves.

We will provide limited support to Steve's fine bundle, for bug fixes if needed, and will host it here for those who still work with the older systems. We claim no rights to the software.


RecentMenu is freeware originally written by Steve Hayman.


We are always interested in bug reports, and changes you might want to make, but in general it is unlikely we will be adding any new features.


2.0, March, 2006

  • Initial hosting on Rubicode site.
  • Added support for DBEdit, ProjectBuilderWO, Preview, RuleEditor, and Sketch on Windows NT/2000.

1.0, Unknown

  • Initial release.