RCEnhancePB is a bundle that adds a few random bits of functionality to the old ProjectBuilder.app (ProjectBuilderWO on MacOS X). Most people will only use one feature, the one that adds a target popup to the build panel. It's mainly useful for developers using WebObjects 4.x, or WebObjects 5.x on Windows 2000.

  1. Adds a "Make:" popup directly on the build panel, so the user can do a build using any defined target without going to the Build Options panel.
  2. Restores the Services menu in ProjectBuilderWO on MacOS X. PBWO has a bug that causes this menu to be empty.
  3. Automatically marks Objective-C header files that are added to a Framework or Library project as public headers.
  4. Adds a "Reenable Flush" menu item to the Project Find menu to fix an issue where the Project Find panel would stop updating.
  5. On OPENSTEP 4.2 systems, adds a "Clear buffer" menu item for the debug window.


RCEnhancePB is freeware. Please see our About page for more information.


We are always interested in bug reports, suggestions, comments, or any other feedback on RCEnhancePB. Send feedback to here.


1.1, June 2002 (MacOS X only)

  • Added Services menu restoration for ProjectBuilderWO on MacOS X.

1.0, April 2002

  • Initial release.