RCEnvironment FAQ

We suggest you also read the README that comes with this software as it will fully explain more of the functionality, but this FAQ list is for those questions we get from users most often.

Q: Can I change an application's preferences with this?

No, usually. Most GUI applications setup their preferences in an entirely different way, which this does not affect. In general, the only things that this tool can affect are command-line applications that a GUI application uses. If none of this makes sense to you, then this preference pane is most likely not for you.

Q: Can I set variables for shell (sh, csh, bash, etc...) environments?

Yes. Variables setup in here will be inherited by any shell and can be overridden there too. Using this can be a good way to setup variables if you use a number of different environments.

Q: Are variables expanded when they are read? IE: Will $HOME/path get expanded to /Users/name/path?

No. RCEnvironment will warn you if you have a '$' in the value for a variable.

Q: Why does RCEnvironment sort the variables?

No particular reason other than it makes it easier to look through the list. Since variables can't reference other variables, see the previous question, there isn't any point to keeping it in any particular order. Additionally, the list is saved in a non-orderable way.